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My goal here is simple: to help you rapidly improve your English whilst learning about Australian history, culture, current affairs, and more!

Are you having trouble understanding Australians when they speak English?

Do you wish you could use and understand Aussie slang, expressions, and vocab?

Are you an intermediate-advanced English student wanting to take your English to the next level? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Now my question is: do you want to level up your Aussie English?

Let's Test Your English

Do you have trouble understanding Australian English?

Since 2015, Aussie English has helped 1000s of English students just like you to rapidly improve their Australian English skills.

Let’s test your Australian English and let me help you start sounding like a fair dinkum Aussie as of today!

The Aussie English Podcast

Learn advanced English anywhere, anytime with the Aussie English Podcast.

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Episodes about Australian English, life, culture, history, and more!

New episodes every week!

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Want to speak English like an Aussie?

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Rapidly Improve Your Listening Skills

Download and study 1000+ episodes of the Aussie English Podcast anywhere, anytime.

Level Up Your English With Member-Only Lessons

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Expand Your English Vocabulary

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Improve Your Reading & Listening EVEN FASTER!

Use the Premium Player to listen and read at the same time! Learn your way: change speed, rewind, & fast forward.

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Learn Australian English at your own speed anywhere, anytime!

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Rapidly Expand Your Vocabulary!

Complete the 70+ Expression courses and master 100s of English expressions, slang terms, and vocab whilst you also learn about Aussie history, culture, news & current affairs!

Become an Aussie History & Culture Nerd!

Don't just learn English! Learn about Aussie history, culture, and current affairs in the speaking classes, courses, and podcast episodes.

Achieve Native-Level Listening Skills!

Study 1000+ podcast episodes with full PDF transcript downloads, worksheets, and more to achieve native-level listening skills!

Speak English Like a Native!

Master the everyday English that native speakers use Down Under and start to feel like a true-blue Aussie yourself!

Achieve Fluency & Speak With Confidence!

Join the 5+ weekly group speaking calls with Australian English teachers and build confidence and fluency!

Develop an Australian Accent!

Quickly improve your pronunciation, intonation, and speaking skills in a fun and effective way and develop your own Aussie accent!

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Lessons are based on conversations and dialogues that use natural spoken English!

Improve Your Listening Skills Rapidly

Use my 5-Step Method to improve your listening skills and study habits rapidly!

Aussie English Courses

Improve your English more quickly with the Aussie English Courses.

Their purpose is simple: to help you learn to understand and speak English in a fun and engaging way.

Learn anywhere, anytime and at your own speed with each Aussie English course.

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Unlock 1000s of phrasal verbs by learning the key concepts behind them.

  • 16 x Audio Lessons
  • 16 x Video lessons
  • Full Transcripts

Real English Discussion

Rapidly improve your English listening comprehension with real English discussions.

  • 14 x Audio Lessons
  • 14 x Video lessons
  • Full Transcripts

Australian English Pronunciation

Master Australian English pronunciation and communicate clearly, effectively and with confidence.

  • 32 x Lessons
  • 100+ Videos
  • Full Transcripts

Spoken English

Improve your spoken English by learning the most common contractions native speakers use in everyday conversations.

  • 39 x Audio Lessons
  • 39 x Video lessons
  • Full Transcripts

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