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Remember when you first started learning English?

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Now that you’ve hit the intermediate stage it feels like you have to work twice as hard to see any improvements.

You’ve mastered the basics, but when you try and say something more complex you can’t find the right words.

You struggle to find good English material that actually works


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The Aussie English Podcast


The Aussie English podcast is for intermediate to advanced English language learners who are serious about learning English for daily life!

Your host and Australian English teacher Pete will help you to reach fluency faster by teaching phrasal verbs, common expressions, conversation tips and with a lot of Australian slang, culture, history, and current affairs added too!

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I LOVE the way Pete is teaching English. It is relaxing and he also brings adds so much culture stuff to his content.
Student from China
I subscribed to the AE youtube channel from May 2016 onwards and later at the end of the year I joined the AE Academy. There are excellent courses for pronunciation, every-day conversation, a variety of expressions and other resources for ESL students. I would recommend AE resources for everyone who wants to succeed in English.
Student from Russia
Aussie English has helped me to keep learning and practicing even though I’m not in Australia anymore, and as a result, my english is still improving each day. The slang I’ve learnt with Pete and his podcast have helped me a lot to improve and understand every day a bit more my Aussie friends back there. Thanks for all and great job! 
Student from Chile
I am grateful to find The Aussie English Podcast and quickly became a proud member of it. My english (listening and speaking) improves a lot. And on top of that, I've learned not only english, but also a lot of Australian history, culture, slang and expressions.
Student from the Philippines


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